We’re Moving! Next Stop: North Carolina

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This is a year of major changes for the McKean Family. First, the arrival of the newest addition to our family, our sweet daughter Haylie, and now this! I’m so excited to announce that in June we’ll onto our next adventure: we’re moving to North Carolina.

Two years ago we visited North Carolina and absolutely fell in love. Just dreaming, we said “one day we’d like to move here.” We loved the idea of a slower paced country life, moving to a place with 4 seasons, having more land… And most of all, changing it up since we’ve basically lived in South Florida our whole lives. My husband Justin and I are both originally from Chicago, but we love the northern feel. Where we’re headed is only 2 hrs from the coast and 4 hrs to the mountains, it’s beautiful, and combines the best of both northern and southern living.

Just this past January we went for the second time and actually checked out neighborhoods, houses, the city, talked to many families and so much more. We loved it but were anxious and nervous for this big change!

And then the doors started to open…

We got back and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so much so that Justin checked to see if he could transfer his job up there! Get this—they needed someone as qualified as him and wanted him to start in North Carolina within 6 months. We were shocked because we didn’t think it would be that fast! For a month we paced back and forth trying to hear God’s voice. We prayed harder than ever and knew that this opportunity was calling us. God opened that door.

I was still in disbelief of this whole thing happening, all the while having a new baby on the way. So I kept praying and praying if this was God’s will for our life. I prayed for major roadblocks if it wasn’t his plan. This verse kept popping up:

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

God continued to open more doors with our house getting a full price offer from the first family that saw it. We also found an amazing top rated Christian school that the girl’s got into with there only being a couple spots left. Doors keep opening!

So where exactly will we be moving?

We’ll be moving to Cary, NC, just outside of Raleigh!

I have a friend that lives not too far from where we’ll be living. She was in the area and drove by the house where we’ll be renting and sent me videos and pictures of the house and neighborhood. Our plan is to rent for a year to really feel out the area and see where we want to be and how we like it. We would love to build a home one day as there is tons of land in the area. We will see where God leads us!

I have Beachbody to thank for allowing me to make this huge change!

With Beachbody coaching I can work anywhere and what is helping make this possible. Just 4 years ago I could have never imagined our life turning into this, with a third daughter and moving to another state. God had to have set us on this Coaching path for this very reason because if I was still doing hair it wouldn’t be possible. He knew our heart’s desires, this move being one of them.

We will miss our family terribly, we’ll visit often and have a beautiful guest room for whoever wants to come up! I will miss the new pool we put in our house, but really, it’s just stuff and can always build a new one! What matters most is our family’s future and being courageous to take a leap of faith on the new.

Life is just too darn short to wonder what this opportunity could’ve been like if we don’t do it now. So we’re going for it and with a new baby!

If you’re ready to make a change, it all start with you, don’t just wonder “what if.” Leave a comment or message me to start your health or Coaching journey!

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