McKean, Party of 5! Welcoming Baby Haylie in the World.

As most of you have probably seen, as of 04.05.17 the McKean family has grown! On April 5th Haylie Grace McKean was born, 6lbs 8oz & 18 inches. We cried tears of joy hearing her cry for the first time—we were so in love the moment we saw her! Justin and I are feeling so so blessed by Haylie’s presence and this beautiful gift from above.

The first night was rough, (at least for me) being awake every hour with visits from the nurses and getting Haylie used to her first night out of the belly. Haylie, on the other hand, slept like a champ! And she was latching great, pooping, peeing, and burping away… the joys of having a baby, right? Ha! But honestly though, we felt so blessed!

And then came the first night home.

Haylie was up all night. What happened to the little girl that did so well the first night at the hospital?! So we were anxious for the 2nd night.

And guess what? She did so much better! And I felt so much better the next morning. Had a 3-hour stretch of sleep, was awake 3 hours, and then another 4-hour stretch. Isn’t it funny how the definition of “a good night of sleep” changes so much as soon as you become a new mom?

Even with that “good night,” I was still so thankful for Shakeology for helping to give me that boost of energy that I needed to get through the day—seriously a life-saver for a new mom!

Change is hard, so very hard.

So much has changed in the past couple months, with little Haylie arriving and preparing for our big move. This whole process of having a baby and moving out of state has not be easy. It’s actually been an emotional roller coaster, but one that I know God has his hand in.

Change is something I preach and am getting better with. I know God is changing things up, shaking them all around because that’s what he does; he doesn’t want us to stay complacent in this life. He wants to test us, grow our character, give us the desires of our hearts and take the glory for it. That’s why he fulfills miracles to let his goodness shine through while we are just the beneficiaries.

About a year ago I started praying for a breakthrough of some sort, I felt God put it on my heart. I had no clue what it would be and now I see God working on some pretty big things. I know there’s still a lot more to bring this big picture together than I can imagine, but I’m so excited to see where he leads us.

If God puts a promise on your heart, praise him for it because he’s already working out the details. Prayer has the power to resurrect dead dreams and give them new life, eternal life. Keep praying circles around your dreams.

Looking back on our life’s adventures so far I’ve realized that every disappointment we’ve gone through has brought us to our knees to pray harder and deeper for the things we are now blessed with.

I don’t know what promise God put in your heart, I don’t know what dream you’re holding on to, or what miracle you’re holding out for, but one thing I know for sure; don’t give up on him and his promises.

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